Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Major announcement

As of this day I am migrating to my own domain:


update: kek I lied. I imported the old ones. Kek.

Goodbye Blogspot. It has been a privilege. All content here shall remain. I have no plans to import. But all new posts shall be on my new address. see you there.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Of Services & Names

personal update: i am being torn between these applications. need to decide as soon as possible for proper geo-synchronous alignment purposes.
I have shortlisted a few names for my new project. Here are the possible routes.
  • kuronoire
  • benjamindidit
  • jimjimdidit
  • i'mfuggenbenyo
  • stupidfriednoodle (笨炸面 Cantonese)
  • courseofaction
  • unitedcoloursofbenjamin
  • benjamin&hedges
  • dontdreamitsover
  • jimbolayoh
  • klonoapowder
  • kuronoir

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Birthing a new project

How about something without a food abbreviation.. nah.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Flowchart for P.H redesign

Keeping it simple dood.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Reinforcements have arrived

Thanks Sue Lin for the class photo (^_^)/

Welcome to my blog of War's brand new streamlined design. Apart from the name change, the goal is to keep things simple and elegant while at the same time still expressing my un-ending enthusiasm for Blizzard's flagship product. I have re-added the blogroll and fear that you might have been left out by mistake, so comment on this post or shout out to remind me of my total unintentional obliviousness in that I never shun your light again. User feedback requested! I've changed a lot of stuff around, I will be adding most of them back later on. If you have anything you need to point out just let me know. So until then it's back to more WoW gaming, I'll let you know what I'm doing on the other side later on.

A bit of WoW: That picture of me is in Zangamarsh, a lot of people don't like this level but I just keep coming back here because it's so beautiful. Grab yourself an epic dragon and fly 285% speed around the mushrooms, you'll feel like it's the Death Star's preliminary trench run.

This blog has been extensively tested on Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3 on the PC and Mac platforms for universal acceptance of this awesome world. Boom De Ah Dah Boom De Ah Dah!

Ancestors watch over you.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New construction options

Update: Blogroll list being re-tabulated. Please stand by
Update: Critical post modules repaired.. Blogroll next
Update: Critical modules restored.. Attempting to repair sidebars

This blog is undergoing a minor face-lift and will be back shortly. The Moogles apologize for the inconvenience caused. Kupo.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blizzard be stoled my heart.

Some people are just plain stupid. You look at what they do and you go, "You stupid mother****!" Others are full of bull****. They say stuff to you and you think, "They're fairly intelligent... AH! they're full of ****!" The rest are just plain nucking futs! Blizzard's all three of them! They expect their one hundred ringgit paying suckers in Malaysia with a five hundred and twelve kay bee pee ass connection to download 800+ megabytes to run the rest of the game next week. That would take ages. Fortunately I did it. During that period I took a sharp fork and shoved it up my ***. Because if I'm gonna hurt that much, I'm gonna do it to myself.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Singapore Crowbar Awards Silver

Archival purposes only. Please ignore.
I'm drunk now so here I go: Wahoo for second place at the Singapore Crowbar Awards 2008! It's been an honor and a privilege and would like to thank SuWeii, Kenny Kok, Chong May Yin, MM071-1 and MM075-1 for their inspiring critique, wisdom, support and company. I love you buggers. I would also like to insert a personal thought.

LUCCT [0] - ToA [1]

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Transition to my roots.

Kek. I changed my mind.
Blog changes:
In an effort to distill information I have moved my WoW signatures to the bottom of the blog. Last class. No class. Wuss. Pathetic. Worthless passenger. Maybe if they worked a little harder, I would not have to do this ranking. But I'm keeping it because I am a fan. *Smug*

What a waste, it is hard to find a group for RFK, my hopes skyrocketed when a level 40 druid offered us a run but instead he slowed things down. I waited too long and just gave up. Literally there's no point but to just continue the grind.

With the absence of my RL friend no longer playing I've officially mark that day with my intention to finally switch factions. I've always wanted to be the opposing side, a community that is equal to the childish immature behavior of the Alliance community, only that they're nothing but a bunch of elitist jerks and snobs. But I do consider myself both. Yes I am fudging nuts. As first directive of this phase shift activity I am re-specing 100% shadow. Just got so sick of wanding and I was beginning to miss mind flay anway. That does not mean I'm deleteing Klonoa. I might play a tank again but at this time tanking's too hardcore for my tastes.

Competitor Analysis

- Other Hostels within the category
  • Moon Lodge Youth
  • Westover Lodge
  • Serai Inn
  • Backpackers Travellers Inn
  • Paradiso Bed&Breakfast
  • Green Hut Lodge
  • Hostel Cosmopolitan
After going to the site yesterday, it's safe to say, it would arguably be none. The hostel is located near several four star hotels. The so-called "garden balcony" is a garden of baloney. There's virtually no sign board to tell visitors that this is our hostel.

Here's my message Stacy. I'm coming to your house with a big knife. And I'm going to kill mommy and daddy. I'm going to peel off their skin and make a funny hat. Then I'm going to take out my huge **** **** and stick it right up your *****